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Our Story

Aspiring to Greatness

EMG X Property Solutions is the brainchild of the 2 founding directors Michael Edwards and Justin Miorada – both of whom have a vision to create the most efficient, professional and forward thinking real estate/property company in Australasia based on unwavering honesty and the highest standard of business ethics within all of EMG X’s client partnerships and business relationships.

EMG X Property Solutions – Our Brand Story

A Brand conceived and founded on the principle of forging and nurturing great Partnerships

During the initial stages of conception a great deal of time, thought and consideration went into the selection of the X in our brand name which was one of the very first thoughts that came to mind in identifying and choosing a logo and brand that defined what we wanted to achieve.


X was first identified as originating from the Ancient Viking Rune for Partnership with the rune itself being a slightly disfigured version of the letter X in our modern alphabet.

Origins of the Runes

Runes, one of the earlier forms of alphabet were often carved in stone which has precluded a tendency to mythologise them and thus to see great truths in the runes.

Words/symbols meant so much in the dark ages and each was so loaded and had so much resonance.

According to Norse Mythology runes were found by Odin, the Supreme God of the Norsemen, whilst he was hanging from the “Tree of Life”, Yggdrasil.

Yggdrasil stands in the middle of Asgard, where the Gods and Goddesses live, and it is an eternal green Ash tree – the branches of which stretch out over all of the nine worlds of Norse mythology., and extend up and above the heavens. For 9 days and nights Odin stayed in the great tree until eventually the runes fell into his hand and revealed themselves to him.

Thus the runes came into existence and from the beginning the runes were associated with the “magic and mysteries” of the cosmos.


X is the rune pronounced “getbo” and has various usages such as gift, generosity and partnership. Not only is the term Partnership a true representation of our business focus but the X from a brand focus is versatile and has impactful connotations to us derivative of our underlying philosophies and ideals – one of which is X-factor (that special ingredient to success that cannot be defined).

It gradually dawned on us that it was perfect for us from the outset…..whilst we continued to scour the internet for alternatives (literally 100’s of hours over a 3 to 6 month period, so much time) and searched for graphics that best fit the core beliefs we held and the goals we had set for our company we just couldn’t go past that ancient viking rune for Partnership.

EMG X is about building partnerships with good people from all demographics, cultures, beliefs and values – from every walk of life – and nurturing relationships with our clients and customers alike to ensure we always produce the results our clients deserve. So, after returning to our X time and time again, and exhausting every possibility available to us, it eventually became crystal clear – it was inevitable that EMG X was truly meant to be…and so EMG X Property Solutions was born!

X for Partnerships – Encompassed our visions and defined what we at EMG X were all about when we took a step back and assessed all of our core values and beliefs and then summarised what makes us different and what will always drive us to success – the essence of EMG X is that we are all about the partnerships and lifelong relationships we build with our clients.


EMG X understands that our clients deserve a partnership where their real estate agent works with relentless vigour and energy to achieve the client’s sales objective as if it was the agent’s own.